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Train holistically, bringing body, mind and soul into balance and finding yourself again. With this in mind, we developed our L!FE concept. For us, training means active and, above all, holistic health care and prevention. We have created an environment in which you simply feel good.

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With L!FE we offer you a comprehensive training approach that goes far beyond a conventional fitness program. Each of our individually tailored plans is based on the roots of muscles, body fat and stress. So we have developed a system that enables every member to achieve their goals in order to feel healthy, fit, vital and slim and all this with a minimum of time and maximum success.


 >> Individual & varied <<


Milon training is the modern interpretation of circuit training. It’s safe, fast and effective. Here you can train all the important muscle groups on chip-controlled machines in a short time, boost your metabolism and build muscle safely. The various circles are geared towards different goals and make training possible even with injuries and pain.

Your personal coach programs the individually tailored training program onto your personal chip card. When training, you then insert this card into the Milon device and within seconds it automatically adjusts to your declarations. In this way, operating errors can be practically ruled out and your time is used even more efficiently.

The memory function also monitors your heart rate and automatically documents your training progress. This data, which you and your coach can view at any time, enables us to provide you with targeted support and advice.

 >> Tone and burn fat in just 20 minutes <<


EMS training stands for electromyostimulation or electro-muscle stimulation and is currently on everyone’s lips. No wonder, because it is an effective training that, above all, saves a lot of time compared to classic fitness training. Important for safe and effective training is the guidance of a trained trainer who knows how to perform the exercises and how to set the impulses correctly.

With EMS training, classic exercises such as squats or planks are used to give specific impulses to the muscle group that is being used. The stimulation is intensified by the electrical impulses, so that the deep muscles are also addressed with the training. EMS training is also popular for relieving back pain. Since the training method comes from physiotherapy, the guided training is also suitable and extremely safe for acute complaints, for example a herniated disc. Important: the training is always accompanied by an experienced trainer who will show you how to perform the exercises correctly.

EMS Training mit Trainer

 >> With a unique FIVE concept <<


The Five concept focuses on stretching and relaxing the muscles. It is designed to straighten the body and lengthen the muscles. The targeted backward movement creates a balance to the posture that is often bent over in everyday life. Regardless of whether you want to train the lower back or are looking for back training for the upper back – based on the body analysis above, we will find the right exercises that relieves and prevents pain from you.

This is where the FIVE concept comes in and breaks up your old attitude patterns. Under the guidance of your coach, we get the body out of the bent position in which we deal with a large part of our everyday life and create a balance through targeted backward movements.



Coordination training is often underestimated today. Good coordination and balance are important components of health care. With them, injuries can be prevented, training becomes more effective and you simply go through everyday life more safely. In addition, coordination training plays an important role when it comes to improving the quality of life in old age. 

In well-coordinated movements, all muscle groups work harmoniously together as a team. Movements are safe, efficient and easy. Poor coordination, on the other hand, harbors the risk of injury, since movements that are not carried out properly put excessive strain on joints and ligaments. 

Training on our Senso Pro devices is primarily intended to improve coordination and thus give the body more stability. You carry out the coordination training under load on specially developed equipment, the training is easy on the joints and easy to use. Back training with Senso Pro helps you to counteract incorrect strain and injury patterns and to reduce coordination deficits – for a stable and pain-free back.


 >> Dynamischer Flow und tiefe Entspannung << 


For us, yoga is more than just stretching. Our yoga in Basel lets you forget everyday life and focus on your own inner breathing. Through guided exercises in contraction and relaxation you can give your body, your mind and your soul new strength, balance and a deep peace. 

Our yoga classes include a variety of styles. Whether it’s an intense workout or for grounding and relaxation. Stop by during your lunch break or after work and round out your day with a unique yoga session. Integrate yoga into your life – even beginners are welcome!

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Come around for a coffee above the rooftops of Basel!

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