Give yourself a break

We all have busy schedules these days and we know how difficult it is to make time for ourselves. Your free time is also a rare commodity and we guarantee that you will use it as effectively as possible.

A break for body, mind and soul – this is what you can expect from our massages. Whether a classic or a sports massage, a relaxation or cellulite massage or even a lymphatic drainage – experience how you can do something good for your body and at the same time have the opportunity to forget your everyday life for a little moment of time.

Your Benefits

EMS Massage

>> Beneficial muscle relaxation <<


In addition to EMS muscle building and our metabolic program we offer you a soothing muscle relaxation with the Body Relax program. It works with lower impulses, which means that the impulse does not penetrate so deeply into the muscles, but remains superficial. The aim of the Body Relax program is to reduce muscle tension and the sensation of pain. Body Relax is an ideal supplement after EMS muscle building training. After a sweaty workout, you can relax while lying down and enjoy the pleasant impulses or do your body good with gentle stretching and mobilizing exercises, guided by your EMS coach.

>> Relaxation for the body – rest for the mind <<

Our massages

Anyone who has ever tried different types of massages knows that they can be very different. When it comes to massage, quality matters. On the one hand, the purely medical effect should be guaranteed. We ensure this by having well-qualified medical masseurs in our team.

Massages are also a way to achieve more balance. Precisely because massages are something that not only relaxes the body but can also calm the mind. No top athlete would be able to perform without this area of ​​therapy. Treat yourself to such a window of time in which you can find yourself again and at the same time do something good for your body.



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Vital Dome

>> Detox & drain without effort <<

Vital Dome

The Vital Dome is a new treatment method to promote regeneration, stimulates blood circulation, relieves tension, accelerates the elimination of toxins and improves sleep quality. The processes are set in motion by the warmth of the infrared light. This healthy, natural & gentle method has been used in clinics and in the health sector for more than 50 years.

The infrared radiation penetrates deep into the skin to actively stimulate the body. Unlike conventional saunas, there are no circulatory problems here.The deep-acting CLEANING and DETOXIFYING stimulates the metabolism. The body and the fat cells are freed from the toxic depots and the skin can decongest.

In the course of the treatment (recommended: 2-3 sessions/week), the body contours are better defined, the figure is gradually slimmer and weight loss is promoted.

120,- CHF

Payment is made on the spot in our studio.

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Come around for a coffee above the rooftops of Basel!

Come around for a coffee above the rooftops of Basel!

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